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[mod post] BB Olympics Speed Writing Challenge B - 10 Minute Warning

The second speed writing challenge of tye BB Olympics will start in 10 minutes.

You may (but do not have to) comment here if you plan to participate.

A START post will go up in 10 minutes. Write as much as you can from the START post until the STOP post 1 hour later. After the STOP post a check-in post will go,up, report your challenge word count there.

Happy Writing!
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[mod post] BB Olympics - Rescheduling Speed Writing Challenges B and C

Just a quick heads up. We *will* be holding two more speedwriting challenges, but have rescheduled the times. (The original times posted did not work for your mod's schedule.

Speedwriting challenge B will run tomorrow, February 24 from 10 am to 11 am PST.

Speedwriting challenge C will run tomorrow, February 24 from 2 pm to 3 pm PST.

Happy writing!
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[mod post] BB Olympics Daily Writing Challenge Check-in Day 10

This is your BB Olympics Daily Writing Check-In Post for Day 10.

Please comment with your word count for words on your spn-j2-bigbang story written on February 19 (Day 10), and your user name.

P.S., This is,the post for yesterday and I apologize for its lateness in going up. I am,traveling for work and ugh time zones. Anyhoo, I will try my best to get today's post up sometime this evening.