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[mod post] Weekly Check-in & OMG Sprint!

Greetings fabulous omgspnbigbangers!

Where did the time go? By my count there are 13 days (including today and May 1) left in the spn-j2-bigbang challenge.

This is your space to check in, ask for help, squee, panic, flail, kvetch, moan, or whatever else you need. Maybe you are already done and just looking for a beta. Maybe you have a beta. Maybe, like your mod, you have several pieces of a story and a case of RL + writers block = sucks! and your story bits are glaring at you from across the room.

Whatever your situation, we are here to get you through, despite recent radio silence.

So, we are running an OMG Sprint! challenge starting tomorrow, April 20, and running through April 29. For those 10 days, we will post daily checkins. This is not a daily writing challeng per se, as in you will not win or lose based on whether you hit a target each day. The challenge is to 1) write 20k or 2) finish your fic in the 10 days allotted. The check-ins are there to jeep you motivated, sane, and on track.

If you plan to participate, sign up here, but you can also jump in at any point in the challenge.

But "I already finished" you say? Wow! awesome! Please take this time to hunt for a beta, revuse your fic, act as a cheerleader by commenting and cheering folks on in the daily writing poats, *or* consider volunteering to act as someone's beta yourself!

Artitsts, hang in there the fun ajd stressful part of the challenge for you guys is almost upon us.

On April 30 and May 1, we will post a questsions and panic post where we encourage writers to ask any questions they have and encourage all of you to answer with expertise, tips, etc. Some of us have done this challenge many, many times and know what to expect. Obviously for some rules questions, you will need to reach out to the spn-j2-bigbang mod, wendy. But for other things like, "will I really, really get art for my fic" (yes, yes you will), or "should I include a warning for x, the rules don't say I have to," or "where can I find tips on drafting summaries," or "is it really okay that I didn't spell-check my first draft," or "can I add a scene after I turn in my first draft, or am I stuck with what I wrote," we are here to help.

So happy writing! And I hope to see you back here tomorrow for day 1 of the OMG Sprint! challenge.
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[mod post] Weekly Check-in Week 9

Greetings fabulous omgspnbigbangers!

My apologies for the absence of weeily check-in posts, but RL got particularly hectic for a while.

Many thanks to all who participated in the BB Olympics! Results will be forthcoming soon!

If you have questions or ideas for another challenge to help you complete your spn-j2-bigbang fic, post them in the comments!

This is also your soace to cheer, kvech, comiserate, and share your victories and woes about writing your big bang fic! How's it going? Let us know in the comments. Need help? Let us know that too!
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[mod post] BB Olympics - Sprint to the Finish Challenge Sign-ups!


This is the sign-up post for the Sprint to the Finish challenge. Please sign up with a comment with your username.

Your goal: write as much as you can in one day. The goal is 2,500 words! All words (on your BB story) written between 12:00:01 a.m. on 2/25 and 11:59:59 p.m. on 2/25 count.

After 11:59:59 p.m. PST on 2/25 a check-in post will go up. If you 1) write at least 2,500 words or 2) have among the top 3 word counts you win!

So please sign up and help us close out the BB Olympics with a bang!
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[mod post] BB Olympics Speed Writing Challenge C - 10 Minute Warning

The third speed writing challenge of the BB Olympics will start in 10 minutes.

You may (but do not have to) comment here if you plan to participate.

A START post will go up in 10 minutes. Write as much as you can from the START post until the STOP post 1 hour later. After the STOP post a check-in post will go,up, report your challenge word count there.

Happy Writing!