paleogymnast (paleogymnast) wrote in omgspnbigbang,

[mod post] It's May and Artist Claims are up!

Greetings, omgspnbigbangers! Happy May (and Happy Mother's Day to some of you).

Artist claims are up over on spn_j2_bigbang. So if you are an artist, this is your chance to claim great fic and collaborate with an author in making this year's big bang a success!

Now it is time for writers to work with Betas and edit their stories and for artists to work on amazing art!

Need help understanding the claiming process?

Have a question about art resources?

Still need help finding a beta?

We're here to help! Post your questions in the comments or comment to squee about making it this far in the challenge!
Tags: 2018, art?, betas, can i get some feedback?, cheerlead me baby!, mod post, practical assistance, victory is mine!
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