paleogymnast (paleogymnast) wrote in omgspnbigbang,

[mod post] Epic Panicking Flail! - Your Panic and Questions Post

Greetings omgspnbigbangers! It's that time of year again, May 1 is almost upon us and it is nearly time for writers to turn in their rough drafts for the spn_j2_bigbang. Soon after that, it will be artist claims.

This time of year many of us start to panic or otherwise stress about getting our stories done, logistics of turning things in, finding betas, coming up with a title, figuring out a summary, etc. Well, fear not. We're here to help.

Whether you are new to the challenge a 10+year veteran or somewhere in between, this is your space to post questions and get answers and to cheer each other over the finish line! Step right up and post a question or answer in the comments.

Happy writing! You can do it!
Tags: 2018, community, epic panicking flail!, grrr argh, kripked again, mod post, omghelpz!, practical assistance, queries, status, victory is mine!

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