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[mod post] Writing, editing, or betaing questions? Ask them here!!

Updated for 2016!

Welcome omgspnbigbangers! In our recent poll, many of you said you wanted a place to chat about betaing, writing, and editing questions.

We listened! This is your place to chat!

Have a question about usage? Is it then? Or than? Was your protagonist's curiosity piqued as he peeked out around a rock at the peak of the mountain? Not sure? Ask away!

What the heck is a semicolon used for? What's the difference between an en dash, an em dash, and a hyphen? This is your place to find out!

Do you know the answer to someone else's question or have some advice or anecdotes you want to share? Feel free to post a comment or answer someone else's!

Need to find a beta or offer your services or find out what a beta does? Well those posts are linked here as well.

Excited? Good! Before you get started, please check under the cut for some simple rules, reminders, and links!


1. Absolutely no bashing of writers, betas, genres, or fics (offenders' comments will be screened or deleted). Please use common sense and be respectful.

2. Please do not post story specifics or long passages of text. Remember the rules of spn_j2_bigbang require that your story (even part of it) can't have been posted elsewhere, so please use common sense. A phrase is okay. Generic questions about usage, spelling, punctuation, and grammar are great! If you need someone to beta a whole section... that's what the Writers Seeking Betas post is for.

3. There are no stupid questions.

4. There are no stupid questions.

5. There really, really are no stupid questions!

6. No flame wars. Yes, there are different schools of thought about the oxford comma. Please do not turn this forum into your personal soap box or battlefield. (See rule 1.)

7. If your comment exchange starts tending towards story specifics, consider taking that part of it offline (PM, email, chat, etc. are all great options).

Now ask and share your knowledge!!!!!!!

Looking for more on betaing, alpha readers, or editing your fic? Check out these links...

Writing and Art Resources for 2015 (Includes links to other beta-finding communities.)

What do Betas and Alpha Readers Do? (General information post about betas, alphas, cheerleaders, et al.)

Betas, Alphas, and Cheerleaders Ahoy! (Looking for an alpha/beta/cheerleader? Or want to offer your services as an alpha/beta/cheerleader? This is the post for you! Complete with a form to fill out and help match you up with your ideal alpha/beta/cheerleader)
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