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[mod post] Writing and Art Resources (updated for 2015)

Links, links and more links! This is your omgspnbigbang post for resources and helpful tips for writing, betaing, LJ how-tos, and art, updated from 2015.

We’ve taken our list from last year, incorporated recommendations of your fellow omgspnbigbangers, and added a few more links we found along the way.

This list is open for your updates, comments, thoughts, and ideas. If you come across anything on here that is not up-to-date or is no longer active, drop a comment or PM the mod.

There are many more awesome resources out there that you know about that would be awesome to share with all our members: sites with tips on writing, beta communities, art how-tos, resources for art betas, posts on how to be a GOOD beta, tips and tricks for proofreading and copyediting, fact-checking sites, funny and inspirational blogs, LJ how tos, FAQs and Q&A about all kinds of topics that come up in the writing and editing process, the list goes on and on.

Here’s how this works. Have a link you want to add? Leave a comment with the link and a brief note about its topic.

The mods will attempt to periodically update this list and move your suggestions and recommendations to the main post to make them easier to find.

Now without further ado, here’s the list…

Beta Resources

Generic Useful Posts
SPN-J2-BigBang’s Resource List from 2013.

LJ How Tos
LJ FAQ How to make an LJ-Cut. What it says on the tin.
How to make a Master Post. One of many options as described by your fellow omgspnbigbang members.

Fandom Information
Fanlore. General fandom history, glossary, encyclopedia, etc. Don’t recognize that abbreviation? It’s probably in here.

General Information
Wikipedia. Your favorite encyclopedia of questionable veracity.
IMDB. Information on TV, film, and online series, actors, crews, etc.
The Internet Movie Firearm Database. Information on guns in movies and TV, can be a useful or informative starting place when writing action, military, spy, law enforcement, etc.-themed fic. Also has info on guns and related weaponry in sci-fi films and TV.
Police Executive Research Forum Free Online Documents. This site comes recommended by a fellow omgspnbigbang member as a resource with “loads of info on just about any police procedure you could think of.”

Writing and Editing, Usage, Vocabulary, Grammar, etc., Resources
Grammar Girl. A really useful blog on grammar, usage, and all those pesky questions about is it “affect” or “effect.”
The Writers’ Site A list of writing and literary blogs.
The Chicago Manual of Style Online. This is an online version of The Chicago Manual of Syle. There is an option to order the book, a free trial version, or the option to get a (paid) online subscription.
The Elements of Style Online. An online version of Strunk & White’s classic available online. An automated copy editor that’s great for catching common usage, spelling, and grammar mistakes. (Your mod feels obligated to point out this is not a substitute for a beta within the rules of spn_j2_bigbang, but it is a great tool for polishing, double-checking, etc.). An online editing service with free and paid versions. Comes recommended by an omgspnbigbang member. Does not substitute for a beta, but could be a tremendous aid in editing.
102 Resources for Fiction Writing. More or less what it says on the tin. Links have not been vetted for usefulness by your mods, but you might want to check them out. An award-winning weekly podcast on writing.
Writing Well by Dan Simmons. A blog by Dan Simmons, a sci fi and horror writer. There are some great installments on style and on making your characters real people. Comes highly recommended by omgspnbigbang members.

Supernatural Canon
Super-Wiki. One of the many Supernatural Encyclopedias.
Supernatural Wiki. Another Supernatural Encyclopedia.

Art Tutorials
Inkscape Tutorials. Free tutorials on the free vector graphics program Inkscape.

Online Image Hosting and Editing Resources: (Photo and image editing with free and paid options)
(Another photo and image editing service with free & paid options, as well as app-based versions for various operating systems) (Image hosting, editing, etc. with free and paid options) (Image hosting that’s essentially anonymous)

The Beta–Writer Relationship
On establishing a good writer/beta relationship
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