February 8th, 2018

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[mod post] 5k by February Challenge - Winners!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 5K by February Challenge! This is the results/awards post. My apologies for this going up later than planned, but I was sick last weekend and did not get around to tabulating results.

Now without further ado!

These wonderful omgspnbigbangers have earned themselves an awesome shiny participant banner!

Participants: amypond45, herminekurotowa

These wonderful writers all wrote at least 5,000 words on their spn_j2_bigbang story between the start of the challenge and February 1 and have earned themselves winner banners!

Winners: backrose_17, anniespinkhouse, junkerin, roxymissrose

And finally, our special award for the three highest word counts during the challenge goes to:

Top 3 Word Counts: backrose_17, anniespinkhouse, roxymissrose

Excellent job everyone!
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[mod post] Announcing the BB Olympics!

Greetings fabulous omgspnbigbang members. Thanks to your responses in last week's poll, we have a new (and we hope fun!) sort of challenge for our next event on this community.

Announcing the BB Olympics

The majority of poll respondents asked for a challenge synced with the Olympics. The majority also asked for a daily writing challenge (much like mini_wrimo), while a strong and close second asked for a variety of challenges to take place.

So, we're taking this awesome advice and coming up with our own BB Olympics to run more or less at the same time as the actual Winter Olympics. Interested? More details Collapse )
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[mod post] Weekly Check-in #4

Greetings, fabulous omgspnbigbangers!

This is your (slightly belated) weekly check-in post for the 4th Week of the 2018 spn-j2-bigbang challenge.

How is it going? This is your space to kvetch, cheer, celebrate victories, commiserate about stubborn plot bunnies, and everything else that goes along with the spn-j2-bigbang.

And this week, please be sure to check out the following:

Our 5K by February Challenge Winners and...

Our new BB Olympics Challenge Announcement and Sign-up Post!

So, be sure to let us know how it's going and what we can do to help. Artists, do you have any questions about the BB? Concerns? Let us know in the comments. This is your space too!

Happy writing!