February 1st, 2018

2013 omg mod 1

[mod post] Weekly Check-in Week 3

Greetings! Sorry for the lateness of this post! Your mod here managed to catch a cold at exactly the worst time.

Anyhoo, this is your weekly check-in post. Let us know how you are doing.

The check-in post for 5k by February will be going up shortly, so if you participated, be sure to post your wordcount there!

Our next challenge will be Olympics-themed. Please fill out the following poll and let us know what kind of challenge you want to see:

Poll #2077800 Olympics Challenge

What type of challenge should we run next?

A daily writing challenge (commit to write a certain # of words each day)
A word count challenge (prizes for those who reach a certain word count or write the most words)
A speed writing challenge (timed competition kind of like "write or die")
A combination of "events" with different smaller challenges spread out over time)
Something else I will explain in the comments

How long should this challenge last

1 month
Sync it to the Olympics!
2 weeks
3 weeks
1 week
Something else I will explain in the comments.

Thanks for your responses and Happy Writing!

P.S., If any of our artists would like to help out with banners or awards for our next challenge, PM me or express your interest in the comments!