January 17th, 2018

omg mod burst 2016

[mod post] Weekly Check-in #1

Greetings fabulous omgspnbigbangers!

So glad to have you all back with us for another year. If you are just joining the comm, check out our 2018 introductions post here.

We also have our first challenge of the year running. You can find out more information here: 5k by February Challenge.

Also check out our new 2018 icons and our post for helping you find a beta/alpha/cheerleader.

This is your weekly check-in post, your space to let us know how the big bang is going for you so far. Have you got a story idea already? Are you fretting over which of two plots to pick? Looking for some inspiration? Psyched? Worried? Let us know. Let us know in the comments! Feel free to vent, kvetch, squee, and cheer each other on.