January 15th, 2018

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Introductions Post 2018

Welcome to omgspnbigbang 2018. This is the official support community for the spn_j2_bigbang challenge.

It's that time of year again! Artist and Writer Signups are open at spn_j2_bigbang! So, it is time to welcome a new group of writers, artists, cheerleaders, betas, and readers to this community!

First, welcome! paleogymnast here. I’m the omgspnbigbang. (P.S., If anyone is interested in co-modding, please let me know!)

What is omgspnbigbang? Omgspnbigbang is the official support community for the spn_j2_bigbang. We are not the bigbang itself. And the two communities have different mods. We are here to:

- Help you find a story idea
- Cheer you through the writing process
- Help you find a beta
- Offer challenges to keep you excited and help you finish your story
- Help you find inspiration for art
- Give you room to vent and chat with other writers and artists
- Answer questions about the process, share experience, and help demystify the bigbang

What we can't do and aren't:
- Sign up or check in for the bigbang as a writer or artist
- Give official rules interpretations for the bigbang rules
- Act as a mod for to spn_j2_bigbang

For all inquiries related to spn_j2_bigbang please check that community, or contact their mod, wendy.

Now without further ado, this is your chance to introduce yourselves and get to know the other denizens of omgspnbigbang. Are you new to Supernatural? Is this your first fanfic? First bigbang? First time participating as an artist? Have you been doing this for years? Let us know!

Step right up! Don't be shy. There's no requirement that you participate, but here is your platform to let everyone know all about the awesome person that is you.

Welcome to the community! We’re thrilled to have you!
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[mod post] 5K by February Challenge (sign ups)

Text banner announcing the 5k by February Challenge @ omgspnbigbang

Welcome to the first omgspnbigbang challenge of 2018!

Participating as a Writer in the spn-j2-bigbang? We've got a challenge to get your writing off to a great start.

How it works:
- Let us know you are participating by leaving a comment on this post
- Sign up anytime between now and February 1, 2018
- Write!

How to "win":
- Write 5,000 words by 11:59:59 p.m. PDT (US West Coast Time) on February 1
- Any words written on you spn-j2-bigbang story, outline, brainstorming, etc. count
- Words written on other stories do not count
- Only words written during the challenge (January 15 to February 1, 2018) count
- Participants who write at least 100 words on their bigbang story during the challenge will get a participation banner
- The top 3 word counts overall will receive a special banner

How to report your word count:
- On February 1, 2018, a Check-In Post will go up
- Comment on the Check-in Post with your final challenge word count
- On February 3, 2018, banners will be posted for winners to claim

Ready, set, write!
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[mod post] Find a beta, alpha, or cheerleader

Betas, Alphas, and Cheerleaders, ahoy!

Are you looking for a beta or alpha reader for your 2018 bigbang fic?
Do you want to volunteer to be someone's beta or alpha reader? Or maybe a cheerleader to help writers stay encouraged? This is the post for you.

To find, or offer your services as, a beta, alpha, or cheerleader, please comment and fill out the form below!

Need more information about what betas, alphas, and cheerleaders do? Check out this post!

Happy writing!