February 8th, 2015

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[mod post] Valentine's Daily Writing Challenge Check-in: Day #1

Post your daily word count for day 1 of the Valentine's daily writing challenge here!

If you have not yet signed up, go here and sign up!

To check in, comment with your username and daily word count.

Only post your word count for day 1 here. Post your word count for other days on the appropriately numbered post.
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[mod post] What does a Beta do? What does an Alpha do? (Your questions answered here!)

One of the many great ideas to come out of our recent poll on beta readers and resources, was to give folks a little bit more information about betas and alpha readers and what each does.

Beta readers (or betas) and alpha readers are two types of editors that writers (both fanfic and professional) often work with. However, both terms have a wide variety of meanings and not everyone uses them to mean the same thing. Some people even use the two terms interchangeably.

Some of you may use the same term to mean two different things (or different terms for the same thing). So check out these links and definitions to give you some ideas and help inform the dialogue you will need to have with your alpha, beta, cheerleader, etc.!

Alpha Readers and Beta Readers A blog post about what each does and some common definitions.

The Wikipedia Entry on Beta Readers As you can see, this gets confusing becuase Wikipedia says alpha reader and beta reader are essentially interchangeable terms.

Writing Excuses Episode 5:33 - Alpha Readers A podcast on using alpha readers, finding alpha readers, etc.

Confusing? Yes, it can be. So let's set some ground rules for what we mean on omgspnbigbang when we're talking about alphas and betas. Interested? Collapse )
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[mod post] Writing, editing, or betaing questions? Ask them here!!

Updated for 2016!

Welcome omgspnbigbangers! In our recent poll, many of you said you wanted a place to chat about betaing, writing, and editing questions.

We listened! This is your place to chat!

Have a question about usage? Is it then? Or than? Was your protagonist's curiosity piqued as he peeked out around a rock at the peak of the mountain? Not sure? Ask away!

What the heck is a semicolon used for? What's the difference between an en dash, an em dash, and a hyphen? This is your place to find out!

Do you know the answer to someone else's question or have some advice or anecdotes you want to share? Feel free to post a comment or answer someone else's!

Need to find a beta or offer your services or find out what a beta does? Well those posts are linked here as well.

Excited? Good! Before you get started, please check under the cut for some simple rules, reminders, and links!

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[mod post] Ready Set Write! Challenge Awards!

Hooray! Congrats to the 5 winners of the Ready, Set, Write! challenge!

Congratulations also to the ten additional awesome writers who wrote 500 words or more during the Ready, Set, Write! challenge. Great job everyone!

Winner and participation banners are under the cut. If I missed anyone or misspelled your name, please let me know, so I can fix it and get you a new/corrected banner, ASAP

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