May 5th, 2013

i can't believe it!!

i got claimed! i still can't believe that someone would choose my story oh my lord in heaven. i'm going to get an awesome trailer i cANT. and there were some really goddamn amazing prompts up there holy cheeseballs. idk man i  just wanted to share my joy. 

Art! [beta directory]

Yay we claimed and now we're ready to get started! \o/

Since the betaing resources the fandom had have pretty much dried up I thought we could make a help thread here in this comm to gather resources! :D We're still early in the game but if you are an artist who would want to offer beta, comment here with your name and means of contact - and maybe if your expertise lies more with drawn art or graphics or both - so people looking for a second set of eyes and needing help can find you! Haha idk if this will work, let's try!

[Awesome, thank you everyone so far! :D <3]