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Hi there!  I come bearing gifts!

We now have a small number of AO3 account invites for Big Bang authors who want to post their fic to AO3 and add them to the SPN J2 Big Bang Collections.  In addition, the AO3 Big Bang Master Collection now hosts SubCollections for each previous year of the Challenge, from 2007 - 2011.  Feel free to add any prior Big Bangs to the appropriate SubCollection, and remember that artwork can now be posted separately at AO3 and added to the Collection as a stand alone fanwork, or writers can help out artists by including their artwork in the body of the Big Bang post on AO3.  (For vids and soundtracks, you can just link to wherever they are on the web (LJ, DW etc) as part of your Big Bang post at AO3.)

So we have 5 invites being made available by kind, helpful LJ folks at this post: http://omgspnbigbang.livejournal.com/167384.html  First come, first served.  Drop them a comment or a PM to take them up on an offered invite!   Just a note: if you use an invite, or if the invite you volunteered is taken, please comment back to the post, so we'll have an accurate count of how many invites are still available.  

We also have, thanks to the AO3, the first batch of 5 invites ready to offer specifically for the Collection.  Just PM me (xcziel) with your contact details and I'll get an invite sent out ASAP.  This first batch is also being offered on a first come, first served basis - so get 'em while they're hot!   ;P  


Once you have established your AO3 account, if you need help adding your story to the 2007-2012 Big Bang collections, there are instructions on the Collection profile page for your convenience.  Or you can reach me at: xczetera AT gmail DOT com. 

Hope to see you all over on the archive!

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