stella_lost (stella_lost) wrote in omgspnbigbang,

Um, how do I create a masterpost?

Wow! I have been concentrating so hard the past few months in writing my fic that I didn't really think of the big picture. Now that it has been claimed (by an AMAZING artist!) and has been sent off to my beta's, I find that reality is settling in. I did it . . . now what?

But as I am working on the re-writes, I got to thinking that I have no idea how to create a masterpost. I've done a couple of longer fic's before, but have always just posted as I went along.

I really want this story to get the full, fabulous treatment that a Big Bang fic deserves (this is my first), so if anyone can give me a few pointers or know of any site that has a 'how-to' tutorial, I would be forever grateful. A huge THANK YOU to anyone that can help out a newbie.


Oh, and while I'm asking . . . does anyone have an opinion on which is the best way to present a soundtrack? I've seen several different ways (with and without links), but I am most interested in not drawing the ire of "Joe Law" for illegal downloads or anything like that. Any ideas you have would be most appreciated.
Tags: can i get some feedback?, practical assistance, queries
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