[mod post] Speed Wiring Writing Challenge #4 Start!
omg mod paper

This challenge will conclude in 30 minutes.

[mod post] Speed Writing Challenge #4 will be starting in 15 minutes
omgspnbigbang mod no year
Starting at 10:45 pm PDT, not 9:45. Happy writing!

[mod post] Speed Writing Challenge #3 Stop!
omgspnbigbang mod no year
Aaaand, stop! Pencils down.

You may comment with your word count if you wish. We will run another chwllenge beginning at 9:45 p.m. PDT.

[mod post] Speed Writing Challenge #3 Start!
omg mod paper
Start writing now! This challenge will run for 30 minutes.

[mod post] Speed Writing Challenge #3 Starting in 5 minutes
omgspnbigbang mod no year
Our third speed writing challenge will be starting in 5 minutes at 9:00 p.m.Paific Daylight time. The challenge will run for 30 minutes.

Start when the start post goes up, stop when the stop post appears, and track your word count. Join in and comment if you wish!

[mod post] One Week Wonder Check-in #1
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Greetings everyone! This is your first check-in post for the One Week Wonder Challenge!

Commenting is not mandatory, but please let us know how it is going!

Are you finished with your story? Making progress? Having a last-minute panic? Have you written more words since the challenge started? Let us know!

Looking for motivation? We will be running one or more speed writing challenges tonight (west coast U.S. time). Want to participate in a speed writing challenge but need it at a different time? Comment and we will walk you through how to host your own on here!

Come on everyone! We can do it! *waves pom-poms* Whoo hoo!

Beta any one!
J2 + me
Are there any betas around?

English is my second language and I relly, really need a beta to look over spelling, gramma and stuff.

Please anyone!

The story is J2 and NC17
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[mod post] Announcing the One Week Wonder Challenge
omg mod blue flame
Greetings omgspnbigbangers. It's that time of year where the clock is ticking down, somehow it's already the last week of April, and (if you're an author) your spn_j2_bigbang entry is due in just over a week. *gulp*

Don't Panic! You've got this, and we're here to help. How? Well, with the One Week Wonder challenge, of course.

Whether you're nearly done and just need to finish that epilogue, or you've got a beginning and end and a lot of holes to fill in along the way, or (like me) your original story totally stalled ajd you just came up with a new idea yesterday and you've got to hammer out a 20k draft this week, this is the challenge for you!

How does the One Week Wonder work?

-Check in posts will go up on Wednesday, April 26; Saturday, April 29; and Monday, May 1.
-There's no need to sign up, in advance, just start writing.
-Check your current word count
-Touch base with a comment on the 4/26 and 4/29 posts if you like to let us know how it's going and to cheer each other on.
-On May 1, check in with your final word count written during the challenge and let us know if you finished your draft.
-Awesome victory banners will go to everyone who a) finishes their Big Bang story draft, b) writes at least 20k words during the challenge, and c) writes the most words (top 3 places).

Any questions, or just want to check in? Comment on this post.

Already finished your draft? Great! Please cheer the rest of us on!

In the coming week your mods will also be running some speed writing challenges and posting a questions and answers post for those new(er) to the Big Bang to get your questions answered by those with more experience.

Sound good? Awesome!

Happy writing!

STOP! Pop speedwriting/editing challenge #2
Alec - D.A.
Done! Comment with your wordcount for this round.

START! Pop-speedwriting/editing challenge Round 2
Alec - D.A.
This is the start of our second challenge. If you come in after we’ve started, Welcome! and start anytime. In 45 minutes I’ll post a STOP.


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