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troubles in writing

So I started my BB storyoutline and wrote already more than 3400 words, but it feels wrong and I don´t know why. I just don´t get the feeling.

Than I read this kink meme and have like thousend ideas....

Should I start allover again with something new?


It's an outline, so it's a bit early to scrap the whole thing. Do you have a beta or alpha reader who can read your outline and discuss the story with you? They might be able to trouble shoot, identify plot holes, clichés, or other quirks or issues that might be making your awesome story idea feel off. There's plent of time to tweak things to get it right!
I would write the one that comes more easily, that you have more ideas for and which you enjoy the most. Also writing something else might even take your conscious mind off the stalled project and you might find that you do get a spark of idea on where to take it and begin to enjoy it again.