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[mod post] Outlining Challenge Check-in!

Greetings omgspnbigbangers!

It is time for our check-in post for our first challenge of the season, the Outlining Challenge. More about the challenge here!

You can "win" this challenge by:

- Brainstorming and deciding on what story you will write for your spn_j2_bigbang entry.
- Outlining at least one scene or chapter, or completing at least one character outline/backstory.
- Completing an outline of your entire big bang story!

Remember, only work on your spn_j2_bigbang story counts. It's great if you are working on other challenges or stories, but this community is all about supporting your efforts for the SPN-J2 Big Bang!

How do I check in?

It's easy! Just complete the following poll.

If you have a question, post it in the comments.

Poll #2063017 Outlining Challenge Check-In Poll

Did you do any of the following during the Outlining Challenge (check all that apply)

Brainstorming your spn-j2-bigbang fic/deciding what story to write
Outline at least one chapter or scene for your spn-j2-bigbang fic
Outline at least one character or summarize at least one character's backstory for your spn-j2-bigbang fic
Complete an outline of the story you plan to write for the spn-j2-bigbang

Remember, please do not post your outline. Big Bang entries need to remain anonymous prior to artist claims in May. This challenge is entirely on the honor system.

Your mod will tabulate responses through Thursday February 16, at which point a post announcing winners and providing celebratory banners will go up.

Haven't started thinking about your story yet? There's still time to participate in this challenge! As long as you check-in you get credit for any brainstorming or outlining you do between now and when the awards post goes up Thursday night (U.S. West Coast time).

Happy writing!


I ended up outlining my whole story for the big bang plus a backup one just in case I need it.
That is awesome! Congrats on your outlining success!