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[mod post] Weekly Check-in - Week 2 & Announcing our First-ever outlining challenge!

Greetings awesome omgspnbigbangers!

We are into our second week of the spn-j2-bigbang. Just a reminder to everyone that writer signups over at the big bang are open through February 4 this year!! That means there is still time to run over to spn_j2_bigbang and sign up here! Go for it!

This is your weekly check-in post. Let us know how your bigbang experience is going so far. Are you excited? Already started writing? Stuck? Are you an artist, beta, or cheerleader who wants to get more involved? Let us know in the comments! This is your space to express yourself!

Announcing our first-ever outlining challenge!

Thanks to all of you who responded to our poll last week. Response were evenly split between running a daily writing challenge and running an outlining challenge. Since many of us are still at the point of trying to figure out what to write, we are going to run with an outlining challenge! We've had challenges in the past where words written on outlines counted towards overall word goals, but we've never run a challenge exclusively focused on outlining before!

What's this?

Here's how it works. For the next two weeks, between now and 11:59:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on February 14th, you are challenged to complete an outline of your spn_j2_bigbang story.

Any kind of outline counts. You can use a formal outline format, a bulleted list, narrative summaries, story boards, a chat or texts with your beta or alpha readers to help you whatever works for you to help your story take shape.

Not sure what you're going to write yet? This is the perfect opportunity to brainstorm and figure out.

Have a story idea, but not quite ready to commit to an outline? That's okay. You can work on world building, creating character bibles or profiles, etc.--whatever works for you to help you get a handle on your story.

Need ideas about how to outline, or what outlining method to choose? Check out a few of these resources to give you ideas and get you started:

Choosing the Best Outline Method for You from Writers' Digest
7 Ways to Write Plot Outlines from Now Novel
8 Ways to Outline a Novel from Lit Reactor
The Headlight Method from Writers to Authors

How do I "win?"

We think that all words written that help you get towards your finished big bang entry are a win, but in terms of this challenge, your mod will be giving out awards (banners) for the following:

- Brainstorming and deciding on what story you will write for your spn_j2_bigbang entry.
- Outlining at least one scene or chapter, or completing at least one character outline/backstory
- Completing an outline of your entire big bang story!

As with all challenges on this comm, only outlining relating to the story you plan to write for the spn-j2-big bang count for this challenge.

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments.

A check-in post will go up on 2/14/17 and will remain open through 2/15/17. Banners and results will post on 2/16/17.

Happy Writing!


I´m sorry I don´t understand, should I post my outline?
No, absolutely do *not* post your outline. Per big bang rules, your story needs to remain offline and amomymous until after artist claiming is done in May.

This challenge is for you to write your outline or take other steps to develop your big bang story.

When we post the check-in post on February 14, we will ask writers to comment and let us know if they 1) picked a story, 2) outlined at least one scene or character, or 3) completed a story outline. You just comment with your username and the answers to those questions.

If you already completed your big bang outline, great! You'll still get credit for it if you check in on the 14th.

Don't worry about checking in now. We'll post detailed instructions and examples in te check-in post so you know what you're supposed to do.

And with all challenges on this site, everything is on the honor system. We will never ask you to post any part of your big bang story, because we don't want you to get disqualified from the challenge.

We just want to motivate you to write and succeed!

Make sense? If you have any more quesitons, please ask!