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[mod post] Weekly Check-In Week #1


Welcome to the first check-in post of 2017 for the omgspnbigbang!

Who are we? Why the official support community for everyone participating in the spn_j2_bigbang. Writers, artists, betas, cheerleaders, this is your space to share your woes, give each other support, ask questions, kvetch, squee, etc.

So, if you haven't already, go sign up for the big bang... then come here and let us know how things are going!

And now for our first Poll of 2017:
Poll #2061778 First Challenge Poll

What should our first Challenge be?

A word count challenge (challenge me to write a certain number of words in a certain period of time)
A daily writing challenge with daily check-check-ins (kind of like mini-wrimo)
Something that challenges me to outline
Something that challenges me to brainstorm
A trivia game instead of a challenge, to get me excited
Something else, which I will explain in the comments!

Happy writing!


Okay, no one is commenting, so I'm going to check in. I am lucky in that I have a story idea and a general outline started, but the concept of the story is complex and is threatening to runn away from me.

I can handle long stories (at least half of my SPN BB entries have been at or over the 100k mark), but when things get long, I have a tendency to keep adding and fiddling with things until the last second which drives me and my betas nuts. I am hoping to avoid that this year, but my outlining also seems to be stalled.

How's everyone else doing?
I sometimes use a chapter overview.

It helps me to stay with the story and move forward when it's time
Great tip if it works for you.

I'm not a linnear writer so that isn't an issue, I always move around and then put the pieces togerher after the fact.

The issue here is I'm not at the point of having a chapter layout, still farther back in the outlining process and need to get unstuck.
I know what you mean! I tried a more general outline, I used acts instead of chapters. And the I try to thing of how the chapters will lay out.

But some parts are still not there.
It's kind of a bit too early for me to consider starting to write, since I don't even have a clear idea for the fic yet. Thus an outlining challenge would be preferable, so I can actually get started
I am an artist this year instead of a writer, and I am really into scrapbooking/papercraft right now, so I'm hoping to be able to incorporate that into my Big Bang art. Also, I have an acrylic painting set I haven't broken in yet, and that might end up in my art as well. I can do photomanips but it's not my strong suit, and I like physical media better. But I know I'm unusual in that way, and I don't know if there has ever been mixed media art in SPN/J2 BB. Oh well, I don't mind starting a trend!

I'm not writing because I'm doing a 365 Days of J2 Fanfic challenge (self-imposed), and I've already written 65,591 words of J2 fic since 12/04/2016. I post every day and I write a 750-word journal entry every morning, so that's as much writing as I want to do! But I'm more than willing to cheerlead those of you who are writing. I've done it twice, in 2010 and 2014, so I know what it's like. I'm currently writing timestamps to my 2010 BB on Tumblr/AO3.
Hi there, I've also signed up as an artist this year... First timer for any SPN/J2 BB actually, and I've already started wondering which direction I should take. I usually enjoy messing with photos etc, but I am more of an 'physical' artist myself... I usually go for drawing though - give me a pencil or a marker and I'm good to go. But I wasn't sure whether such a thing would even be a good idea so I am really glad to see there's more people considering something similar (kind of) :)

Edited at 2017-02-12 06:53 pm (UTC)
I have started today on my BB!

BUT and this is a big BUT for me I don't know the end/outcome.
So should I work on this story and find the end while writing or should I work on a story I have outlined and finished in my head?
Only you know what kind of writer you are. I love finding the ending of things while I write, but that doesn't work for everyone.

Work on what most interests and excites you. There's still plenty of time that if ths story (without an ending) doesn't go in the direction you want, you can always switch to the other story later.
i agree with paleogymnast - write the fic that excites you the most. and if that happens to be the one where you don't know the end, well, there were a couple of bangs i didn't know the ending to until i got there. you'll figure it out. and if you don't, you have another idea waiting in the wings. :D
I think it may come both ways, sometimes you have something imagined, that can very well change midways. Or the story leads you somewhere.

Go on writing whats feels organic! I'm sure you'll get there.
Thank you for all the wonderful comments.

I think I go with what I started yesterday (I don´t really feel the other story right now).

The end ... well they don´t... it can be like... - I think I know how it will end ;-)

This is the second year that I am attempting to write for the BB.

Last year I had to bow out but surprisingly enough, I am working on the same fic that I hoped to submit last year, this year, therefore I'm already a few thousands words in and signups haven't even closed yet. I feel what was my biggest hurdle last year was that I was so concentrated on word count that I began hating the quality of my fic. Since I have been working periodically with his fic, I have a more concrete idea of where I am going and how I am going to do it.

I am definitely more confident that I will be able to finish and get my fic out this year and be happy with it!
i have 2700 words and no idea what i'm doing. >.< my fic is a mashup of two genres i don't generally write and don't really read, so i have no frame of reference and am totally winging it. i love my idea, at least. and i have a pinterest board. :D
Well... I got myself 3 chapters already, the third one is still on the writing and editing process. Started writing last year when I was too late for the 2016 BB.

I have all the ideas outlined, but I'm still not sure how everything is getting connected, or how I'm actually developing every idea. The ending is still a blur of course :P

What scares me is the length. I'm allready past the 20k lol... wondering how many words it will be.

Sounds like you've got an awesome start! Fon't worry about the length, 20k is the minimum, and you've already passed that, so at least now you can focus on finishing your fic rather than stressing over the minimum word count!
I'm having computer trouble. :(

I may end up having to write the whole thing on my tablet.
That sucks about your computer, but... You can do it!!

I have been writing most of my bigbangs (and other fiction) on my phone for the past 8-ish years. Before that I had a tendency to write everything longhand and then type it up... I stopped that and switched to my phone after the 2009 spn-j2-bigbang because typing up the 70% or so of the 140k fic that was written longhand sucked!

If your computer doesn't behave itself and you don't relish the idea of typing on a tablet touch screen, consider getting a bluetooth keyboard for your tablet. They're usually inexpensive and can go a long way towards reducing frustration!

Good luck!! :)

The damn thing works sometimes, and then other times decides it doesn't want to do anything. >:(

We're looking into getting a keyboard for the tablet since we can't afford a new laptop yet. Hopefully, I'll be able to get one this week.
I have a bullet-point outline done but something about it doesn't sit right and I can't pinpoint what. I'll probably have to write it all out before I can see where the problem is. This year's story is a bit of a different style for me (a J2 AU but with no cracky element). I hope I can find someone to take a peek and throw out questions, concerns, comments, etc, so that the gaping plot holes I invariably end up with in my draft maybe aren't quite as big. If anyone's up for it, telling me it's crap or horribly clichéd is perfectly acceptable. :)
I'll take a look at it!
I've got a story idea but no outline yet. Also no idea how the thing will end, but that usually reveals itself once I get writing. I just need to start writing! I haven't written a word of fiction in about a month (rl has been overwhelming so) and I'm feeling a little intimidated. I just need the challenge to push me!

Edited at 2017-01-24 01:52 pm (UTC)
i'm checking in, I'm Lullys and i'm going to my 3rd Big bang but have never participated in this community before... the biggest challenge for me is to write long stories in english since that's not my native language. In my first one in 2015 I didn't even think i'd be able to reach 20k, it ended up having 43k... then last year I went crazy and wrote a 108k story... this year I had a sudden idea while traveling, and this fic has become my new obsession. I've started writing in august, and now it's current at 110k and I'm still going lol... (at first I thought it would go up to 50k tops) and I'm completely in love with it! can't wait to finish it and publishing it! :)
Here's a comment / update!! I just joined this community actually, because Lullys alerted me to its existence! I had no idea! BUT I'm very grateful this thing is here and I know it'll be a great aid in the many weeks to come.

As far as my fic, it is currently 0 words, and just a bunch of ideas / notes. But, I plan on putting some words down this week and just starting the fic in general--which is the hardest part.

Hope everyone else is doing well!