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omgspnbigbang mod no year

paleogymnast in omgspnbigbang

[sticky post] [mod post] Welcome! Sticky Post

So, you signed up for this year's spn_j2_bigbang—and now you're wondering, what the hell was I thinking?

Don't worry! We here at omgspnbigbang know how you feel, and we're here for you.

Do you need a beta? Have a question about what driving the backroads of Texas in the summer is really like? Just need a place to vent and get some motivation? This is the place for you!

Take a look at the links below. Introduce yourself. Sign up to be a subject expert and share your wisdom. Ask for help when you need it. And most importantly—keep writing! We know you can do it!

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to PM your mod paleogymnast.

Happy writing!

Share your ideas, frustrations, and victories, or take advantage of the many resources this community has to offer:

Introduction Post [NEW! for 2017]
Awesome Icons! [NEW! for 2017] | Writing and Art Resources
Beta Resources [2017 update coming soon] | Art Beta Resources
Beta/Alpha/Cheerleader Match-up Post [2017 update coming soon]



Ooh, I'm so sorry!
*blushes a brilliant red*

PLease feel free to remove it from the Sticky Post. I shall follow your suggested steps. Thanks for the help, and apologies for the mix-up once again.


Don't worry about it! I just didn't want you to miss out and wonder why no one was responding to your comment!